Difference between elgato key light and keylight air

Elgato key light vs keylight air

FELIX HELMET Casque jet vintage ST520 Gulf Le Mans Felix helmet

★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ 8,3/10

Casque jet au look rétro Caractéristiques techniques Casque jet vintage ST520 Gulf Le Mans Felix helmet Enveloping, jet-style motorcycle helmet.Fiberglass shell, the perfect trade-off between durability, shock resistanc, and light weight.2 shell sizes available, with multi-density EPS padding, for improved shock absorption and optimal adjustability for all body types.Interior in sponge fabric, for an impeccable finish, fully removable and washable.Interior designed for easy slide-on over glasses.Removable visor with sun shield limits reflection into the eyes.Optimal ventilation via 2 extractor vents at the back.Reinforced Double-D fastening buckle in stainless metal with a fabric pull-tab, allowing precise adjustment and fastening, and improved stability.E22-05 certified helmet.Weight: 1200gr. (+/-50gr.)